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Letter from the President

Dear Illinois Valley Business Leaders,

As your new IV Chamber of Commerce President, I want to personally thank all of those that have participated in working with the Chamber of Commerce over the years. I know there have been ups and downs and it wasn't easy to steer the course the way everyone wanted it to be.

That being said, I want to announce a new era for the Chamber. We want to work with ALL businesses in Illinois Valley. We want to know what you think and what you want to see in your Chamber. What has worked in the past and what has not. All your ideas are welcomed and we want to work to bring all of the entities together for a better future.

We are on the cusp of a lot of new things in the Illinois Valley. New businesses want to come here and many local entrepreneurs, artisans and small businesses need help. We want to work with the local governmental officials to build a robust business sector where our true talents can help more businesses prosper. We want to show our support for our Fire Fighters, Deputy Sheriffs, OHP and the City Officials who work hard everyday to try to make our community strong and vibrant.

There is a LOT of local talent that can help us make our community better. You see them out and about everywhere doing something to make things better for everyone else. I am optimistic about our small corner of Oregon. It is a beautiful place that we all call home. We don't suffer from the overcrowding of the larger cities, we wake up to beautiful mountains, rivers and trees everyday. We are envied for our surroundings and our climate. More importantly there is a shared sense of community among our residents.

There is NOTHING we cannot tackle. Together, we can help each other move up the economic ladder. We can look at more progressive ways and means to deal with crime, homelessness, sick neighborhoods and homeowners who live out of the area and don't care about the people who live here. 

I have heard a lot of ideas from local businesses. Among these are revitalizing the Art Walk, an Art and Wine Festival, a revamped "Concert in the Park", even an "Art/Wine/Cannabis" Festival. We're now seeing much more hemp in the area as well. We have amazing wine here in our valley. We have Taylor's Sausage Country Store. I send care packages of Bridgeview wines and Taylor's beef jerkey to friends and family all over the country. We have amazing citizens who work hard every single day to make our community better!

I want to give a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Angela Graves for her efforts for the IV Chamber of Commerce. Angela supports, persuades, administrates, creates, encourages and sustains our chamber's mission. She is dedicated and amazing in what she does!

We invite our local business to join us. Help us make our Illinois Valley economic future brighter. Let's all put aside whatever differences of the past we may have had. It's in ALL of our best interests to support each other and help every one of us grow. Our children need us to pull together to provide opportunities for the future. The IV High School Internship program is a great way to show our younger generation a means of making a career for themselves.

I'm available to meet with anyone who wants to participate in the IV Chamber of Commerce. I want to hear your ideas, your issues and what the Chamber can do to help. We are only as strong as we are together. Let us all have a brighter tomorrow and appreciate the bounty we are privileged to enjoy.

Bless you and may you have a more prosperous future!


Dave Garcia
2018 IV Chamber of Commerce President